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  • Tiny Invaders Intestinal Parasites

    Aug 16 2013

    Tiny Invaders Intestinal Parasites (Part 3 of 3) Now for something really squeamish! Internal parasites! These are microscopic organisms that live inside our pets, and sometimes us! At least 14%…

  • Tiny Invaders Ticks

    Jun 05 2013

    Tiny Invaders Ticks (Part 2 of 3) Ticks Unlike fleas, ticks do not want to infest your home; they just want to suck your blood. While fleas want to feed…

  • Tiny Invaders Fleas

    May 09 2013

    Tiny Invaders Fleas (Part 1 of 3) Fleas They are out there and they are trying to get on your pet and in your home. They bite your pet, carry…