Behavioral Counseling and Dog Training

Do you need professional dog training and behavioral help your dog or cat?

Lisa Berkenstock, CVT, CPDT-KA is a certified professional dog trainer, specializing in safe and effective training methods that help improve the owner-pet relationship.   She is a certified veterinary technician and a professional member of the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians. Lisa has been doing training and behavior work for more than 30 years and owns her own company, called “My Pet’s Teacher”.

How can a consult help?

Behavior Kitten
For Dogs:
Separation anxiety
Unruly behavior
Integrating new cat, dog and new baby

For Cats:
Inner-cat aggression
Inappropriate elimination
Play aggression

Call us for more information or schedule an appointment and read more about Lisa Berkenstock at My Pet’s Teacher.

Looking for a Dog and Puppy classes?

We offer Puppy Kindergarten and Pet Dog Manners I Classes, taught by My Pet’s Teacher here at our hospital. Read more here.

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