Dog and Puppy Classes

Dog and Puppy classes, taught by My Pet’s Teacher

and held at North Penn Animal Hospital!


Due to Covid-19, My Pet’s Teacher has postponed all classes until further notice.  In the meantime, they are offering a virtual puppy class.  For information, please e-mail Krista:


They have also started a blog with helpful ideas for your puppies (and older dogs). You can find the blog here: My Pet’s Teacher Blog


Puppy Kindergarten

From My Pet’s Teacher:

“Come and watch your puppy grow and learn in Puppy Kindergarten! Puppy Kindergarten is a puppy crash course for puppies aged 8-18 weeks old. This class’ main focuses are on socialization and puppy-specific issues such as housetraining and nipping. Problem prevention and basic commands are also addressed. Puppies will be able to participate in supervised free-play.”

Plus, this is a great way for them to become acclimated to our hospital so your puppy will love to come see us, even after they grow up!

Pet Dog Manners I

This class is for pet dogs ages 4 months and up.

From My Pet’s Teacher:

“Tired of asking Fido to come or stay over and over again? Are you embarrassed that your dog jumps on your guests or drags you down the street when you take walks together? Pet Dog Manners I is a basic obedience course that focuses on cues relevant for a family dog. This class is for pet dogs ages 4 months and up. Emphasis is placed on learning basic cues as well as polite behaviors and some problem solving. The course runs 6 weeks total. Classes are taught in a positive, enriching environment using clicker training, treats, toys and play as motivational reinforcers.”


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Hospital Hours
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We are closed every Wednesday from 2-3 pm for a staff meeting. Should you have an emergency, please call our office.