Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea Prevention: Fleas can be very dangerous to young puppies and kittens. Making sure that your new pet’s environment is free of fleas is very important, even before you bring him/her home. A flea infestation of a young puppy or kitten can lead to anemia, and if left untreated, the anemia could lead to death. Make sure your puppy or kitten is checked for fleas before you bring him/her into your home. If you have other pets in your household, make sure they are checked also. If you do find fleas on your current pets, be sure that they are treated before exposing your new puppy to your home. We use a fine-tooth comb called a flea comb to check for fleas or flea dirt. Please call our office before applying any flea product to your puppy or kitten. Many over-the- counter products can have toxic effects on young pets. We highly recommend flea preventative and we will be happy to recommend a product that will be safe for your new puppy or kitten.

Tick Prevention: Ticks are also a concern for all pets as they can transmit potentially serious diseases. We highly recommend tick preventative. Again, please call our office before applying any tick product to your puppy or kitten. Many over-the-counter products can have toxic effects on young pets.

Fortunately, today we have a wide variety of effective products that have been proven to be extremely effective and safe, even for your puppies and kittens. These products, similar to the heartworm prevention, can be given once a month. Remember fleas and ticks are more common during the months of May-November in this area. We strongly recommend treating your dog or cat with preventative before you start seeing fleas and ticks on them.

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